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Childbirth Preparation and Postpartum Program
With Gayle Peterson, Ph.D.

"The birth of a baby is the birth of family. Women become mothers, husbands become fathers, daughters become sisters and sons become brothers. One birth ripples through generations, creating subtle shifts and rearrangements in the family web. The first year following the birth of a child is a time of great, and often underestimated, adjustment."
__________Gayle Peterson, An Easier Childbirth

Pregnancy is an emotional and psychological as well as physiological transformation. Your own past birth and childbirth experience and your concerns about becoming a mother for the first time, or adding another child to your family, can influence your ability to relax during labor and delivery. Medical research has shown that addressing pertinent concerns related to your emotional experience of family relationships and childbirth during your pregnancy contributes to a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

This program consists of 4 counseling sessions in the Peterson method to address emotional changes of this period in a woman's life and realistically prepare for labor. The Peterson method utilizes a body-centered approach for actively coping with labor, and light hypnosis and active visualization for imprinting the body with the sensation of labor. Personalized suggestions that resolve your particular concerns are an important part of the individualized preparation.

    Birth Counselor Interview - We will explore your past history of birth, childbirth and past and present family relationships

    Body-Centered Hypnosis - We will address your individual concerns in the context of deep relaxation and active visualization of the childbirth process resulting in an audiotape for your personal preparation at home

    Identifying Your Natural Coping Style - We will discover how you process new information and create active strategies for coping with pain to use for effectively dealing with contractions in active labor

    Postpartum Interview - We will consolidate your feelings about childbirth, integrating your newborn into the family and postpartum adjustment

Birth is a significant experience in family life and in a woman's development. Research shows that how a woman experiences childbirth impacts her feelings of self-esteem and confidence as a mother. Women need and deserve emotional support services during pregnancy and the early years of mothering. The following special needs often surface during this time and can be addressed in counseling:

  • having a baby over the age of 35
  • blending career and family
  • resolving past childhood neglect or abuse
  • resolving past traumatic birth or childbirth
  • premature labor
  • vaginal birth after previous cesarean
  • postpartum depression
  • sibling bonding and rivalry

Expressing your needs is the first step to finding your own answers. Your emotional health and well-being are primary factors in a healthy delivery and postpartum experience.

Dr. Gayle Peterson is available for individual, couple or family appointments at: (530) 346-2534 or (510) 594-6801. Phone consultations of 1-3 sessions are also available for those outside of the area. E-mail Dr. Gayle for phone consultation.


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