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Making Healthy Families:

an on-line seminar in
Communication & Problem Solving

Excerpt from Making Healthy Families

By Gayle Peterson, Ph.D.

Copyright 1996-2003.  Gayle Peterson All rights reserved.

Say What You Mean,
and Mean What You Say!

"Effective communication between family members is not just a 'good idea', but a basic human need. The satisfaction we can enjoy from our family relationships , the success or failure of our marriages and even our physical health depend upon it."

Making Healthy Families Introduction

The Empathy and Problem-Solving Connection

The capacity for empathy and the ability to solve problems are two critical elements for sustaining healthy family relationships. And they are marital bedfellows! Understanding creates the bridge to problem solving. And problem solving reinforces intimacy through a sense of satisfying teamwork.

How we communicate our needs and our ability to listen to viewpoints that oppose our own, can make the difference between feelings of despair or satisfaction in marriage. But, it is often the case that when we are emotionally upset our otherwise "effective" communication goes awry. That is why we must consider our communication as it occurs when we are in conflict with our loved ones to ensure that we get to the heart of developing skills which truly sustain healthy relationships.

Prolonged unresolved conflict erodes affection in a marriage and is a primary precursor of divorce. Consider this seminar a preventative divorce-buster! And as insurance against any potential for future estrangement from the children you love, as you travel through the predictable tumultuousness of adolescence and unexpected twists and turns of the family journey.


Start Here for first article:

Developing your "Communication Membrane"

  • Implications for physical health and emotional well-being
  • Listening: the empathic connection

Communication and Problem Solving

  • Seven steps for conflict resolution and its importance to your marriage
  • Identifying the amount of conflict resolution that takes place in your marriage
  • Identifying the quality of your conflict resolution
  • Exercises in listening and empathy

Six Ingredients for Healthy Communication

Communication under Pressure: Conflict and Compromise

  • How to mean what you say without negating or distracting from your message
  • Breaking old patterns and developing new strategies for expressing yourself during conflict
  • Discussion and identifying your "discussion busters"
  • Strategies for handling stress and conflict without damaging relationships


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Copyright 1996-2003.  Gayle Peterson All rights reserved.

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