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Individual, Couples and Family Counseling
With Gayle Peterson, Ph.D.

Psychological research on the characteristics of healthy families has given us new and valuable information about what contributes to psychological health in a family system. With all of the public attention on dysfunctional families, it is important for parents to know what contributes to emotional and psychological health. The following individual, marital and family concerns can be addressed through counseling:

    developing characteristics of healthy families
    healthy communication
    resolving marital conflict
    balancing work and family
    blending families
    parenting issues

Dr. Gayle Peterson is available for individual, couple or family appointments at: (530) 346-2534 or (510) 594-6801. Phone consultations of 1-2 sessions are also available for those outside of the area. E-mail Dr. Gayle for phone consultation.

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